Bispham Parish Church is the Mother Church and Old Parish Church of Blackpool, with a building recorded on the site from at least 1189, the only Church from Fleetwood to Lytham until 1820.  For over 600 years all services, baptisms, weddings and funerals took place here.  The Norman Arch in the South Entrance which is made of red sandstone (dating back to William Rufus) and part of the first church still stands.

In 1773 a new church was built with a gallery for musicians and choir which was reached by steps outside the church, while retaining the Norman tower and doorway.  This church was replaced by the current Victorian building in 1883.  The Bell Tower was fitted with a peal of 8 bells (recently re-hung) as a memorial and thanksgiving following the First World War.  Although we have many artefacts covering our history, we are not a museum but a living church looking to the future in confidence in our Lord Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.