Prayer Requests
Box & Slips at back of Church. Details treated in confidence. For very urgent prayer, please phone Sue on 01253 865614, or contact the clergy.

The Prayer Requests List appears every week in the Church Noticeboard, as well as being used by the designated Prayer leaders during services. For a current list, please either pick up a copy of the Church Noticeboard or contact the Parish Administrator by email at secbahgooglemailcom or by telephone on 01253 351886.

Prayer Topics for July / August 2013

Please use these prayer topics throughout the month to inform your daily prayer time, new topics will be posted at the start of each month by the prayer and pastoral support group.

Lord, help us not to focus on fleeting treasures, but on You, our most precious treasure.  Teach us the joy of revelling in You and Your loving presence and provision in our lives.  (Our Daily Bread – Wednesday 1 May 2013)

  • SUNDAY – Worship: Lord, we come to You today, praising You, not only because You died to be our Saviour, but also because You rose again to be our living Lord – alive and present with us today.  May we declare this Good News with joy and hope, and do it for Your glory.
  • MONDAY – The Church: Loving Lord, help us not to think of “The Church” as just our own building and those who worship with us each week.  Help us to see “The Church” as You see it – people in every country and Christians in every century, spread throughout the world, stretching through time. Thank you that we belong to “Your family”.
  • TUESDAY – Those in need: We bring to You, Lord, those for whom life is a struggle at the moment.  We ask that they learn to turn to You and trust in You, so that they can receive Your strength and experience Your peace.
  • WEDNESDAY – Persecuted Christians: Loving Father, we pray for all whose Christian ministry and faith brings hardship and persecution – we think of those who live in countries where there is hatred, intolerance and little freedom.  Protect them, we pray, giving them great faithfulness, courage and love.
  • THURSDAY – Our Children: Dear Lord, we thank You for the teachers, and for those who administer and run the schools in our community.  We pray, especially, for the young people who will be receiving exam results in August, that You will guide them in any important decisions they have to make.
  • FRIDAY – God’s Word: Lord Jesus, we thank You for those who enable others to have a Bible of their own in their own language.  Lord, be with those who work for the Bible Societies today – for those who have translated the Bible into other languages, and for those who have taken Bibles all over the world.
  • SATURDAY – Our Nation: God our Father, we remember those who in their different ways serve our nation – the Queen and the Royal Family, our Government and MPs, and all who serve in local government, those who administer the law and preserve the peace.  Strengthen them, and deepen within them, the spirit of loving and wise service.


Prayer Topics for June 2013

Please use these prayer topics throughout the month to inform your daily prayer time, new topics will be posted at the start of each month by the prayer and pastoral support group.

Let the goodness of Christ pulse through our bodies, the power of the Spirit flow through our souls and the wonder of God resonate through our minds.  Amen.

  • SUNDAY – Worship: God our Father, help us to know that to see Jesus is to see you, that to receive his Spirit is to know your power and that to respond to his call is to be touched by your love.
  • MONDAY – Our young people: Lord, guide those who will be sitting important exams before moving on to colleges and universities.  Give them diligence to persevere in their studies and help them to give of their best in their exams.
  • TUESDAY – Our community: We bring before you today the vulnerable in our Community, those who live on their own, especially the elderly and single parents, for whom each day can bring intense loneliness and feelings of despair.   Be near them Lord and help us all to reach out our hand in friendship so that through our actions they can know of your love.
  • WEDNESDAY – Those in need: We remember today all who are suffering from illnesses beyond the reach of human skill.   Give them courage to endure patiently and faith to trust you fully, help them to look on each day as another day of life to be appreciated and enjoyed.
  • THURSDAY – Marriage: We thank you for the blessing of marriage as we give thanks for those who have enjoyed a long and loving marriage and for those soon to be married. We pray that you will give courage and bring comfort to those whose marriages are under strain or have broken.
  • FRIDAY – The Church: Renew your church Lord for service and mission and make it here and everywhere a living fellowship of the Spirit revealing your love to the world and serving all who are in need.
  • SATURDAY – Ordination: Please pray for Rev. Damian and others in our Deanery and Diocese who are to be ordained this month.    Strengthen them for the work to which you have called them that they may be faithful shepherds of your flock to the glory of your name.


Prayer Topics for May 2013

Please use these prayer topics throughout the month to inform your daily prayer time, new topics will be posted at the start of each month by the prayer and pastoral support group.

Lord, You have done so much for us.  You give us our very breath, and blessing upon blessing.  We give ourselves back to You, for You to use us to spread the glorious gospel of Christ.  Amen.

  • SUNDAY – Worship: We praise You, Father, for Your creation, which reaches beyond our imagination – for the beautiful night sky with its vary array of lights, and for loving us so much that You sent Your Son, Jesus, to be our personal Saviour.
  • MONDAY – Our Church: Lord God, may the churches in our area reflect Your community and unity – may there be harmony and mutual support, shared ministry and encouragement in the faith, so that we may draw others to Your light.
  • TUESDAY – Our children: Loving Father, we pray for the children of our community in their life at home and at school, that You will watch over them and protect them from evil.  Guide them, and lead them and their families to walk in the Way of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for the blessings received month by month at Messy Church.
  • WEDNESDAY – Holidays: Lord God, grant rest and renewal, we pray, to those who are able to go on holiday this year.  Give them safe journeys – may they enjoy seeing new places, making new friends and sharing new experiences.
  • THURSDAY – Our World: Lord, we pray for those discussing complex ethical concerns – where advances in science and medicine conflict with Your laws of life.  Please show them what is right and what is according to Your will for mankind.
  • FRIDAY – Persecuted Christians: Loving Heavenly Father, we know that in many countries today, it isn’t always easy to follow You, and Christians who pass on Your message of love still suffer.  Thank You for all those who remain true to You;  sustain them and give them courage when following You is hard.
  • SATURDAY – Those in need: Lord Jesus, we pray for those who are sick and troubled, those who are anxious or grieving.  May they be comforted, knowing that You are there, and that You understand.


Prayer Topics for April 2013

Please use these prayer topics throughout the month to inform your daily prayer time, new topics will be posted at the start of each month by the prayer and pastoral support group.

Teach us Lord, to take stock, thoughtfully, honestly and prayerfully, so that we may see ourselves as we really are rather than as we imagine ourselves to be.   Amen

  • SUNDAY – Resurrection hope:  Almighty God, with joy and praise we thank you that the truth of the resurrection inspires us with new hope, the victory of Christ fills us with new joy and the reality of his presence fills us with new faith.
  • MONDAY – Family life: Pour out your blessings on all the families in our Parish, especially those torn apart by separation, divorce , illness, loss of a loved one or family trauma.   Remind them Lord that comfort and hope can be drawn from you.
  • TUESDAY – Peace in our time: When the problems of the world seem many and the answers to them few, when so much evil seems to triumph over so little good, help us to recognise that from the smallest of beginnings you can bring the greatest of results and bring peace, a just and lasting peace to the many parts of your world that are in turmoil.
  • WEDNESDAY – Our church: We pray that at our annual general meeting people will come forward to serve in our church in the many positions that are necessary to help all in our services of worship  draw closer to you, rejoicing in your presence, receiving your love and seeking your will for us.
  • THURSDAY – Our nation: We pray for the Queen and for all the royal family, for those elected to office to serve as Members of Parliament, to serve in local government and as members of our judicial system to whom you have entrusted power and responsibility.   Grant them wisdom, integrity and humility that they may be equipped to honour your trust and serve you faithfully.
  • FRIDAY – Emergency services: We pray for all of our emergency service personnel who daily are called to deal with difficult, dangerous and violent situations.   We thank you for their devotion to duty and pray that in every hour of need they will be aware of your presence and derive strength and courage from it.
  • SATURDAY – Those in need: Loving Lord, reach out to those for whom the future seems uncertain or unwelcome and bring the assurance that even in the darkest moments, the greatest challenges and the most worrying times you are able to bring light out of darkness ,hope out of despair and good out of evil.