Pastoral Visiting Team
People who are ill, housebound, in hospital or in the hospice, they are visited by someone from the pastoral team. The visit brings the love, care and prayer of Christ’s church in their time of need. We always need more parish visitors so we can meet the needs of all our church members.
Contact: Jim Crawford (592166)

Bereavement Visiting Team
After a funeral a follow up visit is organised if requested by the family or others, to support the family in their grief and extend the warmth of the church towards them.
Contact: Sue Sager (865614)

The Holy Dusters
Thursday mornings, 9.15am and 10.45am (before the 11am Holy Communion Service), the Holy Dusters gather to clean the church and have fellowship together. Men as well as ladies are always welcome.
Contact: Doreen Manson (352793)

We are very fortunate at All Hallows in that we have a minibus and a team of drivers who are prepared to bring the elderly and infirm to the church services. More helpers needed please.
The minibus is also available for all the church organisations if they want to go to different venues.
Contact: David Smedley (352743)

Flower Arranging
Flower arranging is a lovely way of relaxing and enjoying God’s gifts to us in the form of beautiful flowers, and helps us in understanding his creation and love for us. At All Hallows we have a flower rota in which a small number of ladies will arrange the flowers for our Sunday services.
If you feel you would like to be involved or you would like to donate money to buy flowers please contact the number below.
Contact: Sue Sager (865614)