Prayer Topics for January 2013

Please use these prayer topics throughout the month to inform your daily prayer time, new topics will be posted at the start of each month by the prayer and pastoral support group.

Help us, dear Lord, as each day dawns anew – to draw aside in reverence and spend quality time with You – to sit in quiet reflection, knowing You are there – waiting to hear our requests for people everywhere.  Help us this year, as we begin each new day – to be more like Jesus in what we do and say.”  (Liz Lyon)

  • SUNDAY – Worship:  Let us praise God, for He is glorious – let us give thanks, for He is the source of all good things – let us worship Him now, for He is the Lord of glory – let us adore Him, for He is the Lord.
  • MONDAY – Our Church: Thank God for the Church buildings in which we meet, and pray for all who will use them this year – that they may feel they belong to the family of our Church and know that God loves them.
  • TUESDAY – Our World: Faced with violence, terrorism and civil unrest in so many countries around the world, let us pray that politicians and military leaders may be wise in judgement, calm in spirit and makers of peace.
  • WEDNESDAY – Those in need: Pray for God’s blessing to rest on each one in need, that they may find hope, healing and joy in Him.
  • THURSDAY – Persecuted Church: Pray for those who have been imprisoned or have suffered for their faith.  Pray for their safety and deliverance, and for strength, perseverance and boldness to stand firmly for Jesus.
  • FRIDAY – Our Community: Pray for all those involved in education – those who teach, those who are school governors, on school councils, and those involved in the day-to-day running of schools and colleges – that they may show commitment and sensitivity to the young people in their care.
  • SATURDAY – Sharing our faith: Pray that in the power of the Holy Spirit, we may have the courage to share Jesus with others – that we may share the news that Jesus is alive today and that there is new life in Him.