With over 160 Christingles issued this year, All Hallows had its largest attendence for the 4pm Christmas Eve Christingle.

Children enjoyed the red-banded orange, together with candle, and four sticks with jelly babies on.  This year’s sermon focussed on the meaning of the various components, with a young mum gamely comprising a giant Christingle.  With a pillow or two tucked under a volumninous orange hoodie, a red sash across her tummy, two broomsticks with giant jelly babies impaled and a giant cardboard candle fastened to her head like an Indian Brave’s feather, it was indeed a sight to behold.

The Orange represents the world, created and cared for by God.  The four sticks represent the four seasons or four corners of the world.  The fruit and nuts which would usually be found upon the sticks represent the “Fruit of the Spirit” (jelly babies were used instead as they came in different fruit flavours and posed less of a flammable risk… they also taste better).  The red band represents the blood of Christ, given to save the world from its sin.  Finally, the candle represents the Light of the World; Jesus, the Light of the World, said to his followers “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” (The Bible, Matthew 5:14) – although we are mere reflections of his light, possessing no light of our own, even reflected light shines brightly in the darkness and cannot be hidden.

Picture: A Christingle (though clearly not one of ours)