September 2012 Magazine Article

01 Sep

September 2012 Three things are certain with Aedan: When he arrives, there is a huge smile and an effusive embrace; he inevitably wants to know what you’re doing and just as inevitable, if it’s remotely interesting, he wants to help. On Gala Day, he arrived with Maayana to use the Rectory garden as a viewing […]

August 2012 Magazine Article

01 Aug

August 2012 “They’re not worms, Grandad; they’re spaghetti!” Zach smiled at me; it was a smile that said ‘poor Grandad, he can’t tell the difference between worms and spaghetti’. My smile said ‘poor Zach, he doesn’t yet understand nuance and intimation…’ The whole conversation had been sparked by Zach’s eating style: “Zach, why are there […]

July 2012 Magazine Article

01 Jul

July 2012 “That was a narrow escape!  Those horrible people were chasing me, and I only just got back to the safety of my mummy.  Baaaa!”  He shot a murderous look at Rachel and me, which clearly conveyed the sentiment.  Neither mother nor child thanked us in the slightest, and if ever I saw the […]

All Hallows welcomes Damian Platt as new curate

30 Jun

Damian Platt was ordained Deacon today at Blackburn Cathedral, and All Hallows is delighted to welcome him, Lauren, Harry and Ruby as he begins his new ministry as Curate at All Hallows. Damian has just completed three years of training at Oak Hill theological college in London, and previously served as a Youth Minister at […]

June 2012 Magazine Article

01 Jun

June 2012 “I told you! I knew it!” The pitch of the voice was raised slightly, so the child was almost squeaking.  A mixture of triumph and exasperation played on his face.  I was taking a group of children through the resurrection stories, week by week.  We had reached the story at the end of […]

May 2012 Magazine Article

01 May

May 2012 “Here’s your medal!” Nathanael was surprised to be offered a medal for jogging 100m, and declined to accept.  Tom, on the other hand, accepted the medal he had earned with pleasure – and exhaustion.  He had just completed a 13km half marathon.  The day before, he had ‘prepared’ for the day by helping […]

April 2012 Magazine Article

01 Apr

THIS IS GOING TO HURT…A few months ago I started to train to compete in triathlons. This is race involves a swim, a bicycle ride and then a run. This has been a bit of a shock to my system.  Each element of the race requires a different set of muscles or kind of co-ordination. […]

March 2012 Magazine Article

01 Mar

March 2012 “Get up, make the beds, wash up and put away.” Andrew, my brother, was about 7 when he laboriously made our mother a Mother’s Day Card. He drew a house and cut around the windows and door, so that they would reveal a message. He carefully and lovingly wrote the most loving message […]

Februrary 2012 Magazine Article

01 Feb

February 2012   “Okay – you win!” Sweep has waged a cunning plan and has finally won the war of attrition – twice!  Some while ago, Sweep ate tins of cat food and had pouches as a special treat.  He decided he didn’t like the tins, and so systematically refused to eat them.  Eventually I […]

January 2012 Magazine Article

01 Jan

January 2012 “Aeya pay!” Maayana split her lip, so Natalie dabbed the cut with the towel, then rinsed the towel in the sink before washing.  Aedan watched – and when he got a mark on the towel, he decided to rinse it – and for good measure, added the other towels.  The first Natalie’s Mum […]