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November 2011 Magazine Article

01 Nov

November 2011 “Crabs don’t talk!” The logic was irrefutable. Zach was being interrogated by a doctor.He remained resolutely silent, his hands making opening and closing motions – like a crab’s claws, it transpired – while the doctor asked him questions. Finally, the doctor asked in exasperation “Can’t you talk?” to which the response was “Crabs […]

October 2011 Magazine Article

01 Oct

October 2011 Nathanael flashed his lights . The car in the inner lane was pulling up fast behind a lorry, and indicated he was pulling out, edging towards the overtaking line.Nathanael flashed his lights to indicate that he had seen the driver and was holding back to let him in.The driver pulled in, and drew […]

September 2011 Magazine Article

01 Sep

September 2011 “Bbbbrraaappff” – Approximately the sound made by Nat on Ben’s tummy, to which Ben responded with a squeal of laughter and a broad smile.Ben is our youngest grandchild, now 6 months old, and a most enjoyable part of our holiday in France this summer.We stayed in a gite at La Mayet, near Ambert, […]

August 2011 Magazine Article

01 Aug

August 2011 “I like bread!” Joshua is only 2½, but he speaks with a clarity to which many children twice his age could only aspire.Not only does he have a clear ringing voice, he has a considered opinion on many issues, and is happy to share his views.As he left crèche this morning, he announced […]

July 2011 Magazine Article

01 Jul

July 2011 “Turn away from the church” Perhaps the oddest line of the day – our daughter Emma was marrying Carl, and as we drove out of the Rectory gate, I reminded our driver that we were driving away from the church – so that Emma could arrive in the car as she wanted, photographs […]

June 2011 Magazine Article

24 May

June 2011 “Engage Smug Mode” Kryten is a mechanoid servant with very human characteristics in the comedy ‘Red Dwarf’When he was proved right – invariably – he would walk off with a huge smirk after ‘engaging smug mode’.I felt like joining him.We have some roll-up banners at church and one of them separated from the […]

May 2011 Magazine Article

01 May

May 2011 ‘I need a wee!’ A week spent in Scotland with Tom, Jen, Euan and Zach; great fun, but punctuated by Zach’s cry – he was in the midst of being potty trained, and although he could have frequently used it, he has not yet mastered the past tense – let the reader understand.We […]

April 2011 Magazine Article

01 Apr

April 2011 Aedan has been poorly – for just over the last week, he has been suffering from the ravages of chicken pox. For over a week, he has been cut off from all that he loves – outside contact with the world, his playgroup, his “mums & toddlers” groups, his grandparents, even just going […]

March 2011 Magazine Article

01 Mar

March 2011 “Grandma! … Grandma!” Euan and Zach arrived and wheeled right and left. Euan ran to Diane, and with the cry “Grandma”, wrapped his arms around Diane. He and his family were down for his 5th birthday; Diane had been feeling very pressured by work demands, and wasn’t sure she wanted a family weekend, […]

February 2011 Magazine Article

12 Feb

February 2011 “Cake?” … “Cake?” … “Cake?”As I waited downstairs to collect Aedan, Natalie and Mayaana for lunch and church, I could hear this plaintive, querulous cry, almost as Aedan descended each step. A firm invisible voice replied, “No cake!” Cake is one of his latest clear words – like all words at nearly two, […]