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February 2016 Rector’s Letter

03 Mar

February 2016 “Ninjago! Oh wow! I love Ninjago.” “Angry birds! Angry birds! I love it!”  “No, I don’t want to take off my furry ‘Frozen’ coat!  I love it!”  Zach, Aedan and Maayana respectively were responding to some of their Christmas gifts.  Diane smiled at me; she had just opened her token gift of chocolate […]

January 2016 Rector’s Letter

03 Mar

January 2016 “Grandma, Granddad, I love you.” Aedan gave us both a big hug, rapidly followed by Maayana.  Up to Summer 2014, we saw Aedan and Maayana almost every Sunday and knew their every mood, observed their development and were a clear part of their support framework.  Then Tim and Natalie moved to Preston, closer […]

December 2015 Rector’s Letter

03 Mar

December 2015 “…and God doesn’t like it!” Maayana and Aedan spent part of the October half term with us.  We bought some ‘witch’s hat’ cakes for them, but they could only be eaten if we described them as black & green cakes as, we were told in unison, ‘We don’t do Halloween; Mummy and Daddy […]

November 2015 Rector’s Letter

31 Oct

November 2015 “Kryptonite? In the water? Wow!”  Euan and Zach were down from Cryptosporidium-free Ulverston and were being given the strange rules about water use, now familiar to most of Lancashire.  They, however, were not at all fazed by needing to use boiled water to brush their teeth or make up their squash; of much […]

October 2015 Rector’s Letter

17 Oct

October 2015 “Thank you Granddad, Grandma!”  Euan’s eyes shone.  He has a mobile phone.  When Tom & Jen joined us recently, they were in a discussion about Euan needing a phone – preferably not too expensive – to give him more freedom and responsibility now that he’s 9.  We had an old mobile phone, the […]

September 2015 Rector’s Letter – by the Curate

17 Oct

September 2015  “Achew!” . . . “Bless you” Is that what you say when someone near you sneezes? I sneeze a lot. With annoying allergies to dust, pollen and mould spores, I’m often sneezing away during the day. Just occasionally, a voice can be heard nearby to say “bless you.” The trouble is, once I […]

August 2015 Rector’s Letter

17 Oct

August 2015 “Fish, Grandma!”  Ben has been a visitor a little more frequently since his brother James was born.  He plays quietly and with great concentration on elaborate Lego stories, using the Lego from the days his father was a child – indeed, he plays much like Nathanael did.  Having slipped away from the dinner […]

July 2015 Rector’s Letter

17 Oct

July 2015 “Yeeowl! Yeeowl!”  We’ve been to Ulverston to see Euan and Zach, hosted Aedan, Maayana and Callum and separately Ben;  all have been well behaved, played constructively and quietly – and yielded no little stories for a magazine article! “Yeeowl! Yeeowl!” We also visited Jake in Dundee, and he also was well behaved – […]

August 2013-December 2014 historic Rector’s Letters

11 May

August 2013       “It’s a treasure map, Granddad” Aedan unfurled the piece of paper brought from his nursery.  It was covered in mostly green lines with one blue.  “Oh,” I said, “Where does the map cover?”  “Your house!” As I quizzed him, he encouraged me to put the details into his map.  The […]

May 2015 Rector’s Letter

11 May

May 2015       “I’m actually having a great day!” Euan seemed almost surprised.  My second ‘Granddad Day Out’ took 5 grandchildren to the Pleasure Beach along with Tim and Jen.  We had wristbands and 6 hours… Jen was happy to take the older boys on Valhalla – Tim was willing to take the […]