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September 2016 Rector’s Letter

04 Sep

September 2016 “I hate computers!”   I bet you’ve said that more than once.  If not, you either never use computers or you’re a super-expert and can’t understand why any of us have problems.  Towards the end of June, the computer I do ALL my work on started to not ‘wake up’ when I switched it […]

August 2016 Rector’s Letter

04 Sep

August 2016 “Ahhwoahahh”   James emitted a cry of frustration. He had discovered the ‘joy’ of crawling.  Setting his sight on a desired object, he lowered his head, moved his hands and feet furiously, then stopped and looked up; his desired object was further away!  He lowered his head, activated his hands and feet, stopped and […]

July 2016 Rector’s Letter

04 Sep

July 2016 “It’s just died – what am I going to do?”   Diane woke to find her smart phone had a blank screen.  It had ‘frozen’ the day before, but seemed to be working again, but in the morning it seemed lifeless.  Diane tried plugging in the phone – it has once or twice suffered […]