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September 2016 Rector’s Letter

04 Sep

September 2016 “I hate computers!”   I bet you’ve said that more than once.  If not, you either never use computers or you’re a super-expert and can’t understand why any of us have problems.  Towards the end of June, the computer I do ALL my work on started to not ‘wake up’ when I switched it […]

August 2016 Rector’s Letter

04 Sep

August 2016 “Ahhwoahahh”   James emitted a cry of frustration. He had discovered the ‘joy’ of crawling.  Setting his sight on a desired object, he lowered his head, moved his hands and feet furiously, then stopped and looked up; his desired object was further away!  He lowered his head, activated his hands and feet, stopped and […]

July 2016 Rector’s Letter

04 Sep

July 2016 “It’s just died – what am I going to do?”   Diane woke to find her smart phone had a blank screen.  It had ‘frozen’ the day before, but seemed to be working again, but in the morning it seemed lifeless.  Diane tried plugging in the phone – it has once or twice suffered […]

June 2016 Rector’s Letter

04 Sep

June 2016 “I would like to make jam.” Ben was eating jam on toast and as his looked up to speak, his face had a cheerful smear and a big grin. Ben was to lose Mummy, Grandma and Nanny for the weekend as they attended the Ladies’ Capernwray weekend – and Daddy had forgotten to […]


04 Sep

JACARANDA CAFE IN THE STABLE 10.30 to 1.30 Thursday @ All Hallows Serving specialty tea and coffee with light refreshments Proceeds to Testimony Faith Homes, Kenya. All welcome Opening 15th September 2016

New Office opening: tel.274172

30 Apr

For as long as any of us can remember, the parish has been run from the Rector’s Study.  You can imagine the pressure this creates when the Administrator and the Rector are both trying to work! From May 6th, the Office is being relocated to the Shippon Building behind ‘Church Villa’.  It has been refurbished […]

New Post: Family Support Worker – Applicants Sought

30 Apr

All Hallows Parish Church – Blackpool Family Support Worker (Full time) Support and disciple existing families, children and young people in the congregations Develop deeper relationships with families, children and young people on the fringe of church activities Establish new relationships with families, children and young people coming into contact with All Hallows Support existing […]

May 2016 Rector’s Letter

30 Apr

May 2016 “Choklt.”  Neatly written and legible, it appeared on our shopping list; I don’t know if you can read it (we were helped by the conversation preceding the writing).  Ben, aged 5, was with us for the afternoon.  “Can I have a cheese string, Granddad?” he asked.  “I’m afraid not; you’ve eaten them all.  […]

April 2016 Rector’s Letter

30 Apr

April 2016 “Oh, I think there is some water down here.”  Diane and I spent the last week of February in Cyprus.  Apart from being eaten on the first day by mosquitos, we had a very enjoyable holiday, which was “ruined”: we visited a wide range of Roman and early Christian ruins, including the ‘Tombs […]

March 2016 Rector’s Letter

03 Mar

March 2016 “Aaaawoooaaah!” And with that, the body fell back!  My years (1974-79) on the Isle of Man ended with two years working as an Assistant Nurse at a Psychiatric Hospital, the final year on night duty.  One of my tasks was to convey any patients who died during the night to the mortuary.  Most […]