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Christingle success

26 Dec

With over 160 Christingles issued this year, All Hallows had its largest attendence for the 4pm Christmas Eve Christingle. Children enjoyed the red-banded orange, together with candle, and four sticks with jelly babies on.  This year’s sermon focussed on the meaning of the various components, with a young mum gamely comprising a giant Christingle.  With […]

December 2011 Magazine Article

01 Dec

December 2011 “That’s for sharing!” We are decorating a house in Lancaster before putting it on the market, and Jen is taking the lead role in decoration, which explains why I was in Spar with Jen and Zach, buying lunch.  Seeing a special offer on ‘Cadbury’s Christmas wish star’ – 2 for £1 – I […]